Wednesday, October 1, 2008

R.I.P. [Facadectomy]

I just noticed the other day that one of my favorite small commercial buildings is getting a facadectomy, which is really quite tragic as it has a lovely 1920's Moorish inspired, fantasy laden facade. This little soon to be former gem is located at the intersection of Ridge and Glenwood on the Northeast corner. Unfortunately, I suspect that it is going to be redone with something yuppified and "tasteful" rather than it's original, rather elegant splendor. I also always thought that the second floor would make a great apartment, something with an open plan, rather loft-like, with a 20's Hollywood studio-atelier effect.

These facadectomies happen, although luckily, very fortuitiously, not very often. Sometimes that can be quite interesting, or even, lucky. In fact, a whole post on these is probably warranted as I have seen some quite good ones of late, as well as some poor ones. I have also become aware of some elderly facadectomies lately which are also quite interesting - and successful.