Saturday, June 21, 2008

Parlez vous francais

Mais oui allons-y!

- Blossom Dearie

Who ever said that we don't like things ala Francais? It's a little bit of Paris on the prairie, in full on Second Empire mansard luxury, but in three-flat form!
In fact, except for the storm windows and triple-hung windows it could almost be in France. And, unusually, the interiors also match the exterior. That and the fact that the vehicles are from Wolfsburg, not Billancourt. Though one really expects a Déesse out front

Front Entries

I thought I'd do a quick post on the various front entries of Chicago buildings (shades of Doors of Chicago perhaps?). Here is just a selection of the variety of styles one can find. From art deco to neo-colonial and between.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Booth Hansen

Yes, dear readers, that is in fact, oh how I dread to say the name, SoNo*, product of Booth Hansen, one of Chicago's leading architectural firms, what we in the trade would call a design firm. This is, I think, one of their best, and one of the best new residential towers. In fact, so much more so than I had expected. The dark glass and black metal cladding make a dramatic, almost Miesian statement. For contrast to the under construction building, here are some shots of their recently completed building in the Gold Coast with it's sleek, glassy sweep of a south facade.

I also hope this entry doesn't shock my usual readers, but I am, in fact, a fairly staunch modernist, and this building appeals to me. It's a shame that their other new, in planning, building, won't look as good - I am, of course, referring to 5440 Sheridan Rd, which has been cut in height.

Unfortunately I don't have a good shot of the front - south - facade, but the edge condition, if you will, much like SoNo is quite spectacular, almost dissolving with the balconies. These are also, as you can plainly see, construction shots.

*I do have to say that this name is totally, utterly and completely ridiculous. I mean, I live in SoHo by that token - South of Howard that is, like most Chicagoans. The list of these silly names goes on for ever; luckily I cannot remember any others at the moment and will spare you the torture...