Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chicago or Vancouver?

One could almost be forgiven for thinking that this view might be the West End of Vancouver, except for the semi-decrepit Lake Shore Drive bridge and viaduct and the detritus of the Spire site.

You have, from right, the DeStefano tower along the river, Jeanne Gang's Aqua nestled into the shadow of the Standard Oil Building (unfortunately, reclad in boring white granite, not happy red anodized aluminum), the various New East Side buildings of the New East Side, mostly by SCB (Solomon Cordwell Buenz), the BCBS building by Lohan Associates et al, a peak of 340 on the park (the best of the newer bunch) and the older buildings, most fun of the lot being Outer Drive East, with it's spa and holidome. Harbor Point is furthest to the left, which is also a SCB design of the early 70's (from 1975 in fact) with a gaggle of 80's high rises around it.