Thursday, June 19, 2008

Booth Hansen

Yes, dear readers, that is in fact, oh how I dread to say the name, SoNo*, product of Booth Hansen, one of Chicago's leading architectural firms, what we in the trade would call a design firm. This is, I think, one of their best, and one of the best new residential towers. In fact, so much more so than I had expected. The dark glass and black metal cladding make a dramatic, almost Miesian statement. For contrast to the under construction building, here are some shots of their recently completed building in the Gold Coast with it's sleek, glassy sweep of a south facade.

I also hope this entry doesn't shock my usual readers, but I am, in fact, a fairly staunch modernist, and this building appeals to me. It's a shame that their other new, in planning, building, won't look as good - I am, of course, referring to 5440 Sheridan Rd, which has been cut in height.

Unfortunately I don't have a good shot of the front - south - facade, but the edge condition, if you will, much like SoNo is quite spectacular, almost dissolving with the balconies. These are also, as you can plainly see, construction shots.

*I do have to say that this name is totally, utterly and completely ridiculous. I mean, I live in SoHo by that token - South of Howard that is, like most Chicagoans. The list of these silly names goes on for ever; luckily I cannot remember any others at the moment and will spare you the torture...


Lenka said...

Nice post on the Sheridan building!

I suppose I shouldn't dwell on the fact we live in NoFo? ;)

David said...

Or maybe, WeSher? SoDe? Nah, SoDeve perhaps? Better yet, Off Broadway! How about that?