Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Six Flat

This time a somewhat newer six-flat, this is a 20s vintage plan with larger rooms and better proportions and closet space as well. An interesting detail is the inset back stair and lack of a large, or, in fact, any discernible back porch. This one, this example, unlike our last one, doesn't have a light well and sports what might be called a true dumbbell plan, which widens out to the lot lines at the ends, allowing the middle windows to be set back from the property line; another unusual feature is the rear facing bedroom (maids room at one time most likely) which is rear facing. Since this room faces the rear, it also has better light than most would. This vintage tends to feature ornate decorative fireplaces and this is no exception, with typical book niches at the sides as well.

The elevation is in blond brick with softly curving bays across the front of each unit with soft art deco ornamentation, which is not a typical treatment, though it occurs in very late 20's buildings (see future post for more on these facades). This is also a rather attractive way of handling the center entry and stairway while not having a flat front facade.

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