Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Upcoming Posts

No, I haven't forgotten about this little project, my blog. I am planning some future posts as I write. Lets see, we haven't quite finished with six flats yet, not by a long shot. Then we have courtyard buildings to move on to.

And then there are some other topics. I'm planning on doing a feature or featurette on Holsman, Holsman, Klekamp and Taylor, who have done some of my favorite post-war buildings in Chicago. I may throw in some single-family just for fun and maybe some unexpected examples of things here and there, hither and tither.

I am thinking perhaps, of the futurist, as opposed to futuristic, buildings along South Hyde Park Boulevard would be fun to do. In fact, a south side trip is in order to get more photographs.

Just to keep us going, here's a six-flat facade, the treatment of which there are innumerable examples of.

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