Saturday, July 26, 2008

The A. N. Rebori Cooperative Apartments

This post dedicated to Mr. Steve Hickson, for his interest in this building.

Street View from Southeast to Northwest

The A. N. Rebori Cooperative Apartments are located in Chicago's Gold Coast, somewhat discreetly tucked away on a street corner. This is a rather unusual building in many respects, and in many regards, is like the architect, Andrew N. Rebori's, other works.

Rebori is best known for his art deco studio apartment buildings just to the west and north of this building, which have quirky, picturesque shapes and plans (and are often, I believe, remodels) along with double-height studio living rooms.

This building does, in fact have the double-height studio living rooms, with double-height windows on the exterior, but clothed in a neo-classical, historicist garb. Also unusual for Chicago are the duplex or maisonette units, that is, units with two stories internally, as can be seen in the plan. All of this is wrapped around a lushly landscaped courtyard garden, secluded by a limestone and red brick colonnade.

As can be seen by an examination of the plans, the entrances are to the sides of the central "gateway" in the center of the wings or middle of the blocks as they project towards the street. At the sides are smaller units and in the northeast corner is a particularly large and grand unit with it's on street entrance off of the avenue. Many of these plan features can be seen later in his art deco "studio" apartment buildings, which are, comparatively, well featured on the web and in publications. The incorporation of service/exit stairs is also quite ingenious, as is the lack of elevators, as one only need climb to the third floor to access the upper units here. A solution which is often used, yet little known, in Chicago

Courtyard View
Vintage view

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