Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Update

At long last, dear readers, an update to my blog. This blog has too long neglected, and I have a treasure trove of photos to post for you.

We'll start off the rains at the end of the drought with an April Shower from the almost Gold Coast, a rather unique four story building, which once was, perhaps a luxurious row house.

It has a lovely gold brick facade with a bay window on the middle two floors and a side entry, along with Roman arched windows at the first floor and a stone base and nicely detailed brickwork, simply defining the building.


Didi said...

So cool! I have never seen anything like this. Too bad it is saddled in the middle of two ugly ducklings of a more "contemporary" homogenous feel.

David said...

Interestingly, the building to the left is a rehab/facadectomy of an older building. A much older building, in fact, which mostly still exists - the whole area is comprised of motley additions and renovations like that.

Didi said...

Oh, boy! That's disappoiting. it still looks awful.

David said...

The rest of it doesn't look so bad, fortunately.