Sunday, January 11, 2009

Red Brick Mannerism

Here we have a rather unusual building, which has architectural pretentions, mainly to a Lutyens inspired upper class classicism, or more accurately, mannerist sensibility. It was built, as far as I can discern, in 1913, just before the great war. It has some incredible broken pediments at the entries, and a spare classical vocabulary at the cornices, and even, to some degree, a functionalist expression of the functions of the interior on the exterior - yes, those are real working chimneys and flues on the exterior. It was built as a luxury building with quite ample and even generous, if not ostentatious, accomodation, with an extravagance of interior detailing, and an even bigger luxury for the time, copious provision of bathrooms.

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Didi said...

That is one awesome doorway.