Monday, February 9, 2009

Quasi Brutalist Neo Fortress Architecture

Here's an example of something typical of the mid to late sixties and early seventies in the inner city areas of the city - a fortress like, battlemented building. This one in Old Town, where there are a fair number of buildings with this theme, as well as in Hyde Park and Kenwood (though in rowhouse, rather than apartment, form). This format is, I suspect, a reaction to the unstable times then - increasing percieved crime, riots and the like - this was an ugly time in urban American (and I don't mean shag carpet and avacado appliances neither).

The interesting this about this building is that it looks as if it were a major remodelling of an older building - either a rowhouse or a three flat. It also, from the stoop, looks as if it was one of the nearby complex of quirky art deco buildings.

I also must apoligize, as always, for not keeping my blog updated more - I have been having computer "issues" (read; major problems) and will attempt, try and endeavor to keep this updated.


Didi said...

I need to venture south more. I havew never seen anything like this. It is great!

David said...

Didi, you definitely should (though it's not that far south... *grin*); Old Town is filled with cool buildings and short streets, etc, there's a reason it's what it is today (whatever that is).

The Edgar Miller et al buildings are really well worth seeking and checking out.